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Extract from the booklet Chatelaine Seasonal Soirées (detail), about 1980. Gift of Shawn Rosengarten, Recipes and Food Collection C265, M2009.71.15 © McCord Museum

Recipes for Your Holiday Table

The Museum’s Archives collection includes nearly 1,000 cookbooks and recipe pamphlets produced between the mid-18th and early 21st centuries. Appealing in more ways than one, the collection offers information about changing eating habits, social norms surrounding meals, the role of women in the family home, advertising, and the development of new culinary practices.

Holiday Table

This collection is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the tastes of yesteryear with repices that could inspire your Holiday menus!

In this season of leisurely meals shared with family and friends, the SAQ, a partner in the McCord Museum’s 100th anniversary celebrations, has some perfect wine and spirit suggestions for your holiday table. Which taste tag do you prefer?

  • Biscuits napolitains, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Tourtières miniatures,  prepared by Anne-Frédérique, Coordinator, Digital Information Management
  • Coronation Cocktail, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Bâtonnets à la mélasse, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Saucisses cocktail fumées « au Porter », prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Cookies, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Heather Hopper, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Spirales dorées au fromage, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Spirales dorée au fromage | See recipe
    Fruity and vibrant: A dry white wine with a thirst-quenching acidity, this Chilean sauvignon blanc is the perfect accompaniment for the pimento cheese topping.
  • Creamed Chestnut Soup | See recipe
    Aromatic and mellow: Both the aroma and texture make a subtly oaky Californian chardonnay an excellent choice to complement this soup.
  • Christmas Cucumber Mould with Dill | See recipe
    Fruity and vibrant: This dish calls for a tart, vegetal type of pairing, found in a dry, non-oaky white. Why not try this Quebec wine?
  • Tourtières miniatures | See recipe
    Fruity and medium-bodied: A pork-based meat pie goes perfectly with a fruity, spicy red, like this one from the south of France.
  • Ragoût du jour de l’An | See recipe
    Aromatic and robust: In addition to filling the house with delicious aromas, slow-cooked stews are the ideal pairing with more robust reds like this Argentinian cabernet sauvignon.
  • Saucisses cocktail fumées « au Porter » (chaud) | See recipe
    Aromatic and supple: Since these cocktail sausages are already enhanced by dark beer, for balance you will need a red wine with personality but a silky mouthfeel, like this Spanish classic.
  • Riz à la crème « Molson » | See recipe
    Fruity and sweet: If you would like to pair this dish with wine, try this sparkling wine with a touch of residual sugar.
  • Sandwichs roulés à la gelée | See recipe
    Fruity and sweet: The sweetness and aroma of berries in this recipe most definitely call for a rosé with some residual sugar and this Australian moscato is a popular choice!
  • Bâtonnets à la mélasse | See recipe
    Roasted vanilla rum: Rum is actually made from sugarcane or even molasses, so surprise your guests with this pairing, added to a cup of coffee or served over ice.
  • Biscuits napolitains | See recipe
    Fruity and sweet: Sweet sparkling wines are a light, versatile choice to accompany these colourful cookies.
  • Gâteau Streusel aux cerises | See recipe
    Fruity and sweet: This cherry dessert pairs perfectly with a slightly sweet sparkling rosé.
  • Egg-nog Ice Cream | See recipe
    Cream liqueur: With a name like this, you are sure to have a successful pairing experience! Try this beverage with the taste of vanilla ice cream.
  • Chocolat au moka | See recipe
    Coffee liqueur: The simplest way to pair food and alcohol is to look for similar and/or complementary flavours. A good example is this recipe for hot chocolate, which adults could enhance with a shot of this Quebec treat.



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