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Give and join

The Museum’s Foundation invites you to participate in the success of a multitude of initiatives that enable the McCord Stewart Museum to pursue its mission dedicated to social history. By making a generous gesture, you are contributing to its influence and celebrating with us life in Montréal, past and present: its history, its people, its communities.

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The Museum is a private, not-for-profit organization that requires the financial support of individuals, corporations and foundations to preserve its rich heritage and ensure its outreach to the community.
Learn about different options, suitable for everyone, to contribute to the Museum's success.

Become a Member

By becoming a Member, you’ll take part in our mission to foster openness to the world, and you’ll support our citizen programs dedicated to Montreal, its history, people and communities.
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Foundation Events

The McCord Museum Foundation's fundraising events raise 50% of the organization's revenues through the generosity of donors. That's why, over the years, our organizing committees have shown boldness and creativity in offering unforgettable experiences to their guests. Here's what's on the horizon for the coming year.

Annual Fundraising Campaign

The McCord Stewart Museum is more than ever rooted in the present, guided by the desire to tell the story of our people and communities in a critical and inclusive manner. It continues to bring people together so that you, as visitors to the Museum, can look at the issues that matter to you today.
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Get involved

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer at the McCord Stewart Museum, an altruistic experience in the spirit of generosity. Learn about the many volunteer activities available to you.
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Young McCord Philanthropist

The Young McCord Philanthropist is a committee of young professionals from the business and entrepreneurial communities who work in collaboration with the Museum Foundation to ensure the Museum's outreach and sustainability.
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About the Foundation

The Museum Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to the success of the McCord Stewart Museum and to the preservation and dissemination of its collections.

Through the generous support of individuals, private foundations and corporations, the Foundation provides about one-third of the Museum's annual budget. Your support is essential!

The Foundation's financial support enables the McCord Stewart Museum to preserve its outstanding collections, to tell the story of Montreal, Quebec and Canada through its educational programs and exhibitions, and to support its accomplished curators in their rigorous research and publication activities.

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