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General Foods Corporation, extract from the booklet Joys of Jell-O, 1962. Gift of Elizabeth Kennell, Recipes and Food Collection C265, M2003.121.1 © McCord Museum

What’s cooking in our archives! A taste of the past

The Museum’s Recipes and Food collection includes nearly 1,000 cookbooks and recipe pamphlets produced between the mid-18th and early 21st centuries. Many were booklets published to promote a specific product or brand. Others are compilations of recipes carefully written out by hand or assembled in scrapbooks, chronicling timeless family traditions or, conversely, the latest trends of the day.

Appealing in more ways than one, the collection offers information about changing eating habits, social norms surrounding meals, the role of women in the family home, advertising, and the development of new culinary practices.

For those willing to try some of the recipes, it is also a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the tastes of yesteryear!

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Fall colors!

Canadian Spice Association, extract from the booklet Canadian Spice Manual and Cookbook Stewart, about 1950. Gift of Susan Alain, Recipes and Food Collection C265, M2007.117.2, McCord Stewart Museum

Squash, sweet desserts and comforting meals are often featured on the fall season menu!

For your Holiday Menu!

  • Biscuits napolitains, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Tourtières miniatures,  prepared by Anne-Frédérique, Coordinator, Digital Information Management
  • Coronation Cocktail, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Bâtonnets à la mélasse, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Saucisses cocktail fumées « au Porter », prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Cookies, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections
  • Heather Hopper, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer
  • Spirales dorées au fromage, prepared by Geneviève, Cataloguer

In this season of leisurely meals shared with family and friends, browse recipes that will inspire your holiday menus!

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For your sweet tooth!

Mousse glacée à l’érable, prepared by Stéphanie, Digital Outreach, Collections

For your Valentin's day brunch!

Summer Special!

Recipes to put on the menu

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!