A word from the President and CEO - McCord Stewart Museum

About the Museum

A word from the President and CEO

The McCord Stewart Museum celebrates life in Montreal, past and present. It reflects Montreal society: creative, diverse and constantly evolving.

Although dedicated to social history, the Museum is resolutely turned towards the future. Through its collections, programming and activities, it presents the city’s history and its influence on the rest of the province, the country and the world in a critical and inclusive manner. It invites visitors to examine the social issues that concern Montrealers from all walks of life. It fosters dialogue and builds bridges between communities by providing a safe space for everyone.

In this spirit of inclusivity and with a strong desire to help create a fairer society, the Museum is also committed to the ongoing decolonization of its practices and to sustainable development.

I look forward to seeing you at the McCord Stewart Museum soon, where you can learn, reflect and rethink Montreal with us!

Anne Eschapasse
President and Chief Executive Officer

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!