Museum Staff - McCord Stewart Museum


Museum Staff


President and Chief Executive Officer: Anne Eschapasse
Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer: Marion Laberge
Head, Government and Institutional Relations: Martine Couillard


Head, Collections and Research and Curator, Dress, Fashion and Textiles: Cynthia Cooper
Curator, Photography: Zoë Tousignant, Ph.D.
Outgoing Curator, Photography: Hélène Samson, Ph.D.
Curator, Indigenous Cultures: Jonathan Lainey
Curator, Material Culture: Guislaine Lemay
Curator, Documentary Art: Christian Vachon
Curator, Archives: Mathieu Lapointe, Ph.D.
Associate Curator, Dress, Fashion and Textiles: Alexis Walker
Curatorial Assistant, Photography: Nathalie Houle

Head, Conservation: Caterina Florio
Associate Conservator: Anne MacKay
Conservator: Sara Serban
Conservator: Sonia Kata
Conservation Assistant: Denis Plourde
Conservation Assistant: Caroline Bourgeois

Head, Collections Management: Christian Vachon
Assistant Head, Collections Management: Karine Rousseau
Cataloguing coordinator, Collections Management: Geneviève Déziel
Assistant, Collections Management: Camille Deshaies-Forget
Photographer: Laura Dumitriu
Photographer: Roger Aziz
Reference Archivist, Archives and Documentation Center: Heather McNabb, Ph.D.
Archivist: Ana Prasser
Senior technician, Collections Management: Josianne Venne
Senior technician, Collections Management: Jean-Christophe Chenette
Collections Technician: Lorie-Anne Chamberland

Head, Digital Outreach, Collections and Exhibitions: Stéphanie Poisson
Coordinator, Digital Outreach, Collections and Exhibitions: Anne-Frédérique Beaulieu-Plamondon
Digital integration technician: Mélissa Legros


Head, Exhibitions: Geneviève Lafrance
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Catherine K. Laflamme
Project Manager, Exhibitions: Caroline Truchon, Ph. D.
Project Manager, Exhibitions: François Vallée

Chief Preparator, Exhibitions: John Gouws
Technician, Exhibitions: Mélissa Jacques
Preparator, Exhibitions: Olivier LeBlanc-Roy
Preparator, Exhibitions: Patrick Migneault

Head, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Maria-Luisa Romano
Project Manager, Community Relation, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Leïla Afriat
Project Manager, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Clara Chouinard on leave)
Project Manager, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs: Elysa Lachapelle
Coordinator, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs : Fadila Mehdi
Supervisor, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs : Laëticia Perray
Cultural Mediation Team:
Joanna Abrahamowicz
Marianne Connell
Louis Lalancette
David Brassard
Leah Watts
Maximilien Lafrance- Liebman
Renata Paciullo Ribeiro
Maria-Del-Mar Sarmiento
And the volunteer mediators of the McCord Stewart Museum


Senior Director, Marketing, Culture and Inclusion: Pascale Grignon
Head, Communications: Catherine Morellon
Graphic Designer: Anne-Marie Demers
Senior Officer, Digital Engagement: Sabrina Lorier
Officer, Public Relations: Marc-André Champagne
Officer, Publicity and Promotions: Sandra Nadeau Paradis
Officer, Digital Engagement: Philippe Bergeron

Head, Marketing and Visitor Experience: Anne-Marie Beaudet
Coordinator, Membership and Room Rental: Maïa Mendilaharzu
Coordinator, Client Development: Lison Cherki
Assistant, Marketing: Léna Ilmane

Head, Visitor service: Antonin Gélinas
Senior clerk: Dragoslava Pujic
Senior clerk:Laurence Williams
Clerks Team, Admissions and Boutique:
Sophie Granger
Raphaelle Kelly
Guillaume Ranger
Mélissa Legros
Marine Andrieux


Director, Operations: Philip Leduc
Head, Human Resources: Lucie Beaupré
Officer, Human Resources: Marilyne Ouedraogo

Head, Accounting: Volha Laiter
Accounting Analyst: Yan Chuan Pan
Technician, Accounting : Linda Geczo

Head, Information Technology: Kévin Bocquart
CRM specialist: Kiriakos Galatis
Technical coordinator: Julien Pouliot

Coordinator, Security and Facilities: Mario Lafond
Mechanical Technician: Dominique Granger
Maintenance Technician: Claudio Pacheco
Security Agents: Sécuritas (out-sourced)


Executive Director, McCord Museum Foundation: Amélie Saint-Pierre
Senior Officer, Annual Campaign and Planned Giving: Pierre Poirier
Officer, Philanthropic development, major gifts: Anne-Marie Merkly
Officer, Fundraising Event: Minh Bui
Coordinator: Marianne St-Laurent

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!