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Uncovering emotions in the archives: The Shared Emotions project

McCord Stewart Discoveries

March 22, 2024

Presentation in French by Mathieu Lapointe, Curator, Archives.

The McCord Stewart Museum’s Textual Archives collection is rich in personal documents, such as letters and diaries, providing an intimate window onto the emotions, sensibilities, attitudes and values of people in bygone days. The Shared Emotions project aims to make these elements, hitherto neglected by archival description and indexing conventions, more readily identifiable.



McCord Stewart Discoveries

In the McCord Stewart Discoveries, the Museum’s experts present the research projects they’ve been working on and share their recent discoveries related to the Museum’s collections and archives. The event is geared towards an academic audience as well as anyone interested in history and archives, museum studies, or material culture.

  • The talks will take place in French or English
  • Series of talks presented on Friday, March 22, 2024