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The Curious Case of the Kul-e-Tuk Parka: Appropriation of an Inuit Garment

McCord Stewart Discoveries

March 22, 2024

Presentation by Alexis Walker, Associate Curator, Dress, Fashion and Textiles.

In 1959, the Kul-e-Tuk parka made its debut on the Canadian market and was touted as the ultimate Canadian winter coat. Erased from the success of the Kul-e-Tuk, however, were the Inuit people from whom the style was appropriated. This talk explores the complicated history of the Kul-e-Tuk, its connection to Montreal’s garment manufacturing industry, the synthetic fibre revolution of the post-war era, winter sports, and colonial projects in the Arctic.


  • Lydia of Montreal, Kul-e-Tuk parka, about 1960. M2021.9.2, McCord Stewart Museum


McCord Stewart Discoveries

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