July 20, 2023

Bill C-18 – In support of Canadian media, McCord Stewart Museum suspends advertising with Meta

Press Release

Montreal, July 20, 2023 – The McCord Stewart Museum shares the concerns of Canadian media and the public about Meta’s decision to block Canadian news media content on its platforms. The availability of reliable, professional and non-partisan information is essential to the proper functioning of a democratic society. The Museum therefore joins the Canadian and Quebec governments, the cities of Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Longueuil and Gatineau, and its many media partners in their decision to suspend their advertising investments on Facebook and Instagram.

“As a social history museum committed to its community and as a content creator, the McCord Stewart Museum can only stand in solidarity with Quebec and Canadian media outlets in their defence of fair remuneration for the distribution of their content on digital platforms. Producing reliable, rigorous and non-partisan journalistic information requires considerable expertise and resources, both human and material. Press organizations must be remunerated for the research, analysis, production and dissemination of the information that is distributed on digital platforms.

“Since its creation, the Museum has participated in Mouvement média d’ici, investing a large portion of its advertising budgets in local, Quebec and Canadian media, which are invaluable partners in promoting culture. Today we are reiterating our longstanding commitment by joining the Canadian movement to defend this principle against the tech giants’ retaliation to Bill C-18,” explains Anne Eschapasse, President and CEO.

The McCord Stewart Museum, like many Canadian institutions and businesses, uses Facebook and Instagram to reach its audiences, showcase its collections and promote its programming. The Museum team is aware that suspending advertising on these platforms will have an impact on its activities. For this reason, the team is encouraging members of its community who support this movement to share the Museum’s organic posts, sign up for its newsletter and visit its website regularly to keep abreast of activities and news, and to do the same with local media.

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