Temporary exhibition

November 4, 2006 — March 25, 2007

Nuvisavik: “The Place Where We Weave”

Inuit Tapestries from Arctic Canada

This exhibition has ended.

Rich colours and textures, attention to detail, and impeccable craftsmanship characterize the beautiful tapestries crafted by the Inuit weavers of Baffin Island. The tapestries are truly a reflection of the artists and craftspeople who made them, and the place in which they live. As weaver Leesee Kakee states: “Some people might think these are just wallhangings but they are a part of us, our ancestors, our lives.”

The tapestries tell the stories of Inuit culture, past and present, and the sometimes difficult transitions these people have managed. A family rows through the Arctic waters in search of seal. The community gathers to share in the meat from the hunt. And whispered hues of azure, indigo, violet, and verdigris suffuse the landscape with a panoply of beauty and light, deftly expressed through warp and weft, patience and skill, artistry and reverence.

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Not to be missed!