Temporary exhibition

June 20, 2012 — January 27, 2013

Cartooning Calamities

This exhibition has ended.

With the Mayan calendar predicting doom, gloom, and the imminent end of humanity, the Museum presents the very timely Cartooning Calamities! Covering almost 150 years of current events, the exhibition explores all things catastrophic as seen through the eyes of 16 Quebec editorial cartoonists, including Chapleau, Aislin, Garnotte, Beaudet, Pascal and Godin. Taking a humorous look at a preoccupation that never ceases to spur conversation, the exhibition allows us to reflect on the issues of the day from a perspective that only an editorial cartoon provides.

The exhibition is divided into five separate themes: political calamities; major upheavals affecting humanity; death before the end of the world; calamities that never were; and the end of the blue planet.

Not to be missed!

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Not to be missed!