Building Montreal - Outdoor Exhibition - McCord Stewart Museum

Outdoor Exhibition

June 16 to October 16, 2023

Building Montreal

Free | Photography Exhibition on McGill College Avenue

The exhibition Building Montreal offers a fascinating glimpse of the shifting urban landscape of a constantly evolving metropolis. Though often a source of frustration for Montreal residents, construction sites are nonetheless symbolic of the city’s vitality and growth over the decades.

Take a look at twenty-five large-format historical photographs from the Museum’s Photography collection that illustrate key phases and projects in the development of Montreal’s infrastructures, from the 1850s to the 1980s. As they chronicle the evolution of urban planning and civil engineering, these images from the past also serve as reminders of the countless people who have played a role in building Montreal.

Make your way to McGill College Avenue, between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and President-Kennedy Avenue.

  • W.W.K., <i>Erecting Crossbracings, Dandurand Building, Montreal</i>, 1913. Gift of Charles S. Deakin, MP-1977.140.6.12, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Wm. Notman & Son, <i>Tramway Crossing under Construction, Sainte-Catherine Street and Saint Lawrence Boulevard, Montreal</i>, 1893. II-102021, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Attributed to J. Bertram, <i>Royal Bank Building, Seen from above Looking East, Montreal</i>, 1927. Gift of J. Bertram, MP-0000.1450.2, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Photographer unknown, <i>Construction on South Main Pier, Harbour Bridge, Montreal</i>, 1929. Gift of A. H. Biron, MP-1976.254.31, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Photographer unknown, <i>Construction of Main Span, Harbour Bridge, Montreal</i>, 1928. Gift of A. H. Biron, MP-1976.254.38, McCord Stewart Museum
  • C. H. Bowker, <i>The Duluth Building under Construction, Seen from Place d’Armes, Montreal</i>, 1912. Gift of Charles S. Deakin, MP-1977.140.4.6, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Photographer unknown, <i>Canadian Arena (The Forum), Sainte-Catherine Street, Montreal</i>, 1924. Gift of Charles S. Deakin, MP-1977.140.18.2, McCord Stewart Museum
  • Photographer unknown, <i>Dismantling of St. Paul’s Church, Montreal</i>, 1930. Gift of J. Norman Lowe, MP-1999.6.10, McCord Stewart Museum
  • William Notman, <i>Steam Dredge, Victoria Bridge, Montreal</i>, 1859. Gift of Winnifred Hill, N-0000.392.2.20, McCord Stewart Museum

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