90 Treasures, 90 Stories, 90 Years - Musee McCord

Temporary exhibition

March 18, 2011 — September 11, 2011

90 Treasures, 90 Stories, 90 Years

This exhibition has ended


To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the McCord museum presents 90 treasures, 90 stories, 90 years, an exhibition that brings together a wide range of fascinating artefacts, photos, costumes and ethnological objects. These 90 treasures have been meticulously chosen from our vast collection to allow visitors to discover Montreal from a variety of angles and in doing so learn more about its social history, its people, and the impact it has had on the world.

Whether for their beauty, rarity, composition or historical value, each of the 90 objects in the exhibition has its own particular effect on the visitor.

In addition, a number of Montreal’s most creative minds, themselves charmed by this collection, talk about their favourite objects in video clips presented in the exhibition and available on iPod.

Not to be missed!

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