Musical Wednesdays - Urban Forest of the McCord Stewart Museum

Muscial Performances

Every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m.

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Musical Wednesdays

The Urban Forest is coming alive every Wednesday this summer! Discover a wide range of artists thanks to a collaboration with Pasa Musik, Studio 303 and Diversité artistique Montréal, who highlight Montreal’s diversity and cultural richness.

From June 29 to August 31, from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m., bop along to artists like Moe Clark, Lasso and Nora Toutain.

2022 Program

June 29: Nora Toutain en duo avec Frank O’Sullivan
July 6: Senaya
July 13: Diogo Ramos
July 20: QTN Bass
July 27:  Lasso
August 3: Bijuriya
August 10: Jjanice+
August 17: Bijuriya
August 31: Moe Clark


Free activity, presented every Wednesday from June 29 to August 31, 2022, at 12:15 p.m.
Location: Urban Forest
In the event of rain, the concerts will be cancelled.

Artist Biographies

Nora Toutain

Nora Toutain is a French-Moroccan singer-songwriter, based in Montreal. Her ease and energy on stage charm her audience, who have often described her as a “solar personality.”

Rooted in an eclectic style, Nora Toutain uses her soulful timbre to play with a diversity of rhythms and influences: pop, RnB, jazz, soul and sometimes even Gnawa/Afro-pop. She will present a duet concert with Frank O’Sullivan.


Senaya was born in Senegal, in the city of Dakar, to a Senegalese father and a Guadeloupean mother. She is a self-taught singer, composer, author, poet and guitarist. Her music pays tribute to her ancestors and to those who inspired her to be who she is.

Artist-musician Senaya invites us into her universe with her warm and emotional voice. Without borders and without barriers, the transcultural and multilingual artist creates music that’s as mixed as can be, like herself! Come on a journey from blues to African and Caribbean rhythms, from jazz to soul, funk, folk, pop and RnB.

Diogo Ramos

Singer-songwriter Diogo Ramos is from Sao Paolo in Brazil. His music is part of the long tradition of popular Brazilian singers. Having studied music, especially the guitar, he works as a producer, with 20 albums under his belt as either composer or producer.

Diogo Ramos presents his new EP, Raro Efeito, a mix of samba funk and electronic hip-hop, interweaving lyrics in Portuguese, French and Haitian Creole, and inviting you to dance to the melodies of the beach and the modern city. Raro Efeito is a musical political act and a tribute to the influence of artistic multiculturalism in Montreal.

QTN Bass

QTN is a French electronic music producer. Based in Montreal, he draws his inspiration from different styles like electro-chill, Afro pop or tropical house.

QTN Bass will offer Moonlight Live, a performance of original electronic music created by the artist, from his most recent EP. His warm and joyful sounds will put you in a good mood and make you feel like you’re on a beach at dusk.


Salif Sanou, known as Lasso, was born in Konkuy-Boho, a Boaba village in Burkina Faso. Coming from a long line of griots on his father’s side, he grew up in a universe where music and speech are at the heart of life.

Multi-instrumentalist musician Lasso will have the Urban Forest swaying to his signature style called FRAMM (Fusion Reggae Afro Mandingue Métissé). Music that heals and unites the disunited!


Bijuriya’s artistic practice encompasses composition, drag, improvisation, performance and research. Gabriel’s work explores mixed identity, brownness, queerness, imaginary culture, satire as well as the interplay between tradition and subversion. Key projects include his album Quelques fictions, his mockumentary performance Anthropologies imaginaires, the Ensemble Paramirabo opera À chaque ventre son monstre, his drag persona Bijuriya, as well as various voice and makeup videos. His solo drag performance Bijuriya was premiered in March 2022 at Montréal, arts interculturels.

Combining singing, performance and lip-syncing, Bijuriya presents a selection of surprising drag numbers that celebrate the multi-talented artist’s mixed identity and brownness.


In recent years, Jjanice+ has been able to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival, FrancoFolies, Pop Montreal Festival, M pour Montréal, La Place des Arts and others. He participated in a creative residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, benefiting from the coaching of Saul Williams, a world-class spoken word artist.

With the enveloping voice of a crooner and the penchant for reverie of a free-spirited artist, Jjanice+ has created a universe of his own mixing poetry and song, modern alt-soul music and Afro-Caribbean grooves reminiscent of his native Haiti.

Monsieur Raph

Monsieur Raph is the solo musical project of Raphaël Delahaye, a French and Canadian singer-songwriter who has been living in Montreal since 2008.

Inspired by his personal experience and his travels, the multi-instrumentalist Monsieur Raph works to develop an original and organic sound that combines French chanson and world music.

Moe Clark

Originally from the prairies in Treaty 7, Moe Clark has called tio’tiá:ke / mooniyang (Montreal) home for over a decade. Her last solo album Within toured across North America and her video poem nitahkôtan won best indigenous language music video at the ImagineNative film festival.

Âpihtawikosisâniskwêw (Métis, Norwegian, French and British) multidisciplinary artist Moe Clark is a 2Spirit singing thunderbird. She fuses together vocal improvisation with multilingual lyricism to create meaning that is rooted in personal legacy, ancestral memory and embodied knowledge.

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