Festival Quartiers Danses: Matthew Quigley - McCord Stewart Museum

In the Urban Forest

September 6, 2023 at 2:30 p.m.

Festival Quartiers Danses: Matthew Quigley

Free| In the Urban Forest

The Festival Quartiers Danses invites you to the Museum’s Urban Forest for a performance by choreographer Matthew Quigley as part of its 21st edition.


Exploring humankind’s prehistorical nature, DINO showcases two artists dressed in working clothes and semi-realistic T-Rex masks evolving in an impassive environment. The piece explores society’s greed and the human condition to the beat of chamber music and robotic voices. Inspired by everyday events, the piece depicts our current world in a playful and stoical way. Physical, repetitive, and explosive, DINO is also gentle and balanced. As the play moves forward through radical changes in dynamics and tone, the characters slowly learn to show their true colours of empathy and vulnerability.


Free activity, presented on Wednesday, September 6 at 2:30 p.m.
Location: Urban Forest
Duration: 30 min

About Matthew Quigley

A Montreal-based dancer and choreographer, Matthew Quigley started his dance training at the École nationale de ballet du Canada. He obtained a BFA in Dance from Juilliard in 2019. He recently worked with La Tresse in Montreal, and with Stephanie Batten Bland, Roy Assaf, Andrea Miller and Danielle Agami in New York. He also is a photographer and visual artist.


The 21st edition of Festival Quartiers Danses will welcome over 30 choreographers and dance companies from 8 countries to present their creations, some of which were specifically designed for the FQD. Pieces will centre around fascinating tributes and themes, including social action, body image, identity, virility, the working world, futurism, the burlesque, disability, agism, nature and parapraxis.

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As part of the Festival Quartiers Danses

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Not to be missed!