The Polaroid Project - Temporary exhibition at the McCord Museum

Temporary exhibition

From June 13 to September 15, 2019

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The Polaroid Project

At the Intersection of Art and Technology

A unique opportunity to discover the extraordinary artistic and scientific creativity of Polaroid photography. At the intersection of art and technology, the exhibition presents the original works of some 100 of the most celebrated international artists of the 20th century along with the cameras they used.

The Polaroid, both an image and a wonderful tool, was invented by Edwin Land in 1947. It remains, despite the decline of the company, associated in the collective imagination with innovation, efficiency and leisure.

  • Guy Bourdin, <i>Charles Jourdan, 1978</i> © The Guy Bourdin Estate 2018. Courtoisie de/Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery
  • Barbara Crane, <i>Private Views</i>, 1981 © Barbara Crane
  • Ellen Carey, <i>Pulls (CMY)</i>, 1997 © Ellen Carey, Jayne H. Baum Gallery, NYC, NY and M+B Gallery, LA, CA
  • Mark Klett, <i>Contemplating the View at Muley Point, Utah 1994</i>, 1994 © Mark Klett
  • Bruce Charlesworth, <i>Untitled</i>, 1979 © Bruce Charlesworth
  • Victor Landweber, <i>Garbage Candy</i>, 1979 © Victor Landweber, Collection Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona

This exhibition is organized by the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, New York, in collaboration with the MIT Museum, Cambridge, and the WestLicht Museum for Photography, Vienna.


Discover the exhibition through the eyes of our visitors! Comments given during the Opening of the exhibition, on June 11, 2019.

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What people are saying about it

« For an item that once might have struck some purists as a fad, the Polaroid has a secure place in the collective consciousness. » Montreal Gazette
« There is no brand more synonymous with purveying that magic than Polaroid » Art critique
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