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From October 28, 2022, to February 19, 2023

Gabor Szilasi,Cedric Pearson, Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, Roger Charbonneau and Michel Campeau at the opening of the Disraeli exhibition at the Centaur Galleries of Photography, Montreal, December 1972. Gift of Gabor Szilasi, M2018.39.32, McCord Museum

Disraeli Revisited

Chronicle of an Event in Quebec Photography

The exhibition Disraeli Revisited will mark the 50th anniversary of a pivotal event in the history of photography in Quebec: the Disraeli project. The exhibition seeks to celebrate, expand and revise the original Disraeli project by bringing together photographs and documents that tell the story from multiple viewpoints.

Produced in collaboration with the project’s four photographers, it will feature vintage prints from the original series as well as photographs shown for the very first time and printed especially for this exhibition. These photographs will be presented alongside archival documents such as newspaper clippings, letters, posters and private photographic albums.

The Disraeli Project

In 1972, a collective of young photographers and researchers—composed of Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, Michel Campeau, Roger Charbonneau and Cedric Pearson, Maryse Pellerin and Ginette Laurin—received a grant from the Opportunities for Youth federal aid program to spend the summer in Disraeli, a town in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. For three months, the group lived among the region’s locals, producing a collaborative photographic portrait of everyday life in a rural Quebec community.

In the months and years that followed, the group’s photographs were circulated widely in the Quebec printed press, provoking a negative reaction from several influential residents of Disraeli, who claimed the town had been misrepresented by the photographers’ “miserabilist” gaze. What followed was a veritable media storm – the first in Quebec centred on the ethics of photographic representation. For the four photographers, the event marked a turning point in their respective careers.

  • Roger Charbonneau, <i>at City Hall, Disraeli,</i> 24 June 1972. © Roger Charbonneau
  • Cedric Pearson,<i> Exhibition and Photographic Picnic at the Collective’s Home, Disraeli,</i> 23 July 1972. © Cedric Pearson
  • Cedric Pearson, <i>OTJ Playground, Disraeli,</i> 1972. © Cedric Pearson
  • Claire Beaugrand-Champagne,<i> Ti-Noir Lajeunesse, The Blind Violinist, Disraeli,</i> 1972. © Claire Beaugrand-Champagne
  • Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, <i> Father Armand Chabot in His Room, Paroisse Ste-Luce, Disraeli,</i>  
 1972. © Claire Beaugrand-Champagne
  • Michel Campeau, <i> The Parish Guard, Disraeli,</i> 18 June 1972. © Michel Campeau / SOCAN (2022)
  • Roger Charbonneau, <i>Gaston Beaudoin of Marché Suprême, Disraeli,</i> 1972. © Roger Charbonneau

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