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From preservation to revitalization: When citizens get involved

City Talks

November 4, 2020

Lecture presented online on November 4, 2020

Built and urban heritage is everyone’s business. It is part of our daily lives, our neighbourhoods and our identity. Citizens have long played a watchdog role, mobilizing and gathering to defend endangered buildings and sites. Today, this commitment seems to be evolving towards a willingness not only to safeguard heritage, but to reclaim it and participate in discussions about its future.

How has citizen action regarding heritage changed over time? What are the current challenges of civic engagement? How can it be valued and included in revitalization projects?


  • Nathacha Alexandroff, engaged citizen and Vice-Chair of the Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles
  • Martin Drouin, professor, Department of Urban Studies and Tourism, ESG UQAM
  • Maya Vodanovich, Lachine borough mayor

City Talks

For an ninth year, the City Talks series offers a space for thought and discussion on contemporary issues that affect Montrealers: heritage, urban planning, metropolitan reality… Come share your viewpoint on our city.

The talks are hosted by Taïka Baillargeon, Assistant Policy Director at Héritage Montréal.
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