Façadism: easy road or inevitable outcome?

City Talks

March 11, 2020

Lecture presented on March 11, 2020

In the interest of conservation, heritage activism has led to the development of inventories and regulations to control demolitions and preserve the character of the built landscape as part of the public space.

Do these solutions have real weight compared to the pressure of urban densification and current building standards? How can we avoid reducing authentic heritage to a façade or a vague allusion?



Episode summary

  • 1:05 : Introduction by Dinu Bumbaru
  • 14:45 : Anne Cormier
  • 28:30 : Gérald McNichols Tétrault
  • 41:05 : Question period
  • 1:32:10 : Conclusion by Dinu Bumbaru

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City talks series

For a seventh consecutive year, the City Talks series will bring together city thinkers and builders to discuss current practical urban issues affecting Montrealers. The talks will be introduced by Suzanne Sauvage, President and Chief Executive Officer of the McCord Museum, and moderated by Dinu Bumbaru, Policy Director of Heritage Montreal..

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