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Discussion around the creation of Exquisite Score


October 20, 2021

At a time of isolation caused by a global pandemic, artists and friends Caroline Monnet and Laura Ortman developed a call-and-response method to develop their collaborative exhibition Exquisite Score. Sending posted material including sounds of cityscapes and photographs of both natural expanses and industrial areas allowed them to build a common ground beyond physical and psychological divides.

Join the artists of Exquisite Score and the curator of MOMENTA Biennale de l’image 2021, Stefanie Hessler, in this virtual discussion to discuss the theme of the biennale, Sensing Nature, and the process leading to Monnet and Ortman’s new installation From My House To Yours at the McCord Museum.


Exquisite Score

Caroline Monnet and Laura Ortman present the installation From My House To Yours, the result of a correspondence that they maintained for months from their respective homes in Montreal and New York.
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