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Conversation with artist Séamus Gallagher

Learn more about the creative process behind Mother Memory Cellophane and themes explored in Gallagher’s larger body of work: queer aesthetic, identity, gender performativity and hauntology. 

November 23, 2023

For the exhibition Mother Memory Cellophane, co-produced by MOMENTA Biennale de l’image, watch the conversation with the artist Séamus Gallagher and hosted by artist Morris Fox, presented on November 22, 2023.

In light of their research in the Museum’s archives, Séamus Gallagher will present the creative process behind Mother Memory Cellophane. They will discuss how this latest creation fits into their larger body of work by drawing a parallel with previous projects. The talk will be facilitated by Morris Fox, whose artistic practice explores many similar themes to Gallagher’s: queer aesthetic, identity, gender performativity and hauntology. 


  • Online activity presented Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at 12 p.m.
  • Conversation in English followed by a Q&A in English

About the artists

Séamus Gallagher

Séamus Gallagher is a lens-based artist currently living in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia. Infusing queer aesthetics with self-portraiture, video game engines, and set construction, Séamus explores the limits of representation, and failure as a form of liberation. Gallagher’s work has been shown at the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, the Portrait Gallery of Canada, and the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, among others.

They are a recipient of the Scotiabank 2022 New Generation Photography Award, the 2022 Nova Scotia Emerging Artist Recognition Award, and the 2019 BMO 1st Art Award. They are a finalist for the 2023 Sobey Arts Award.

Morris Fox

Morris Fox (he/they) is a queer-gothic artist/writer, and an Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD candidate at Concordia (Tiohtiá:ke-Mooniyang-Montréal). Fox’s practice cruises the haunted house for feelings of community. Words and materials become a net that enmeshes, become a necropolis, a cemetery of desire. He interconnects eco-poetry, self-performance, VR, video, textiles, chainmaille, with queer material research, rubbing against ruins of memory, shimmering with apocalyptic imaginaries. Fox graduated from SAIC’s Low Residency MFA (2018), and Concordia’s Studio Arts BFA (2011). 

Past exhibitions include: Regarde! Tiotiá:ke (2023), Sex Ecologies: Becoming Plastic, Stoveworks (2023), Psionic Hope, Astonishing Dream, Trinity Square Video (2023), My Gay Mediaeval Times, Spacemaker II, (2022), Vestiges&Remains, Artcite Inc., (2022), Claudia Hart’s Ludicy, Hyphen Hubs (2021), Gothwerk, Hotwheelz Festival (2020). Fox interned at the Icelandic Textile Centre, Blönduós (2020), and completed artist residencies including NES, Skagaströnd (2019), Icelandic Textile Centre (2019), Artscape Gibraltar Point, (2018). He is a member of the collective QueerSoftOrange.