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Come and play in Adèle’s room

April 29, 2020

While the McCord Museum is temporarily closed, a few antique toys from its collection found their way into the bedroom of a young girl named Adèle. Come and play with her! Create your own character inspired by one of your own toys or a surprising object in your home.


  1. Listen as author Marie Barguirdjian tells you Adèle’s story. (French only)
  2. Take a look at the images in the gallery. They will help you find the characters that were inspired by the objects in the McCord Museum’s collection.
  3. Choose an object in your home to create an imaginary character.
  4. Download the sheet to draw your character on paper or a tablet. Don’t forget to give your character a name!
  5. Invite your family members to your room and tell them your story.

Download the sheet

Find the characters of Adèle’s story

  • Teddy bear, 1900-1920. Gift of R. S. Logan, M948.2.1.1 © McCord Museum
  • Dollhouse, around 1875. Gift of  Margaret Van Horne, M970.23.59.1-10 © McCord Museum
  • Goat cart, end of 19th century. Gift of R. H. Gaunt, M969.22.21.1-2 © McCord Museum
  • Train, 1880-1900. M975.55.3.1-3 © McCord Museum
  • Racing Car, <i>Alfa Romeo</i>, Meccano Ltd., 1954-1964. Gift of Malcolm J. Roberts, M2007.83.17 © McCord Museum
  • Doll, Chad Valley Company Ltd., about 1935. Gift of Nora Murchison, M974.81.12.1 © McCord Museum
  • Mechanical toy, climbing monkey, Ernest Paul Lehmann, 1905-1930. Gift of Mrs. George B. Dorey, M973.46.13 © McCord Museum
  • Tea pot, Noritake/Morimura Bros., 1921-1924. Gift of Elizabeth Sifton, M2008. © McCord Museum
  • Push toy, donkey, Merrythought, about 1950. In memory of Dean Coton, founding member of the Ladies Committee of the MMFA, now the Volunteer Association of the Montreal Museum of Fine arts, M2015.46.5 © McCord Museum

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