Outdoor Exhibition

From May 27 to October 14, 2018

Montreal Storefronts

McGill College Avenue

This summer, as St. Catherine Street is undergoing a facelift, the McGill College Avenue outdoor exhibition will restore the ambiance of Montreal with images of newsstands, façades and window displays of stores that used to populate the city. Dated from 1892 to 1985, photographs drawn from the McCord Museum’s collection will introduce visitors to a typical urban retail environment from another era.

  • Wm. Notman & Son Ltd., Duchess shoe display, Montreal, 1928-1931, View-25837, McCord Museum.
  • Anonymous, Allen’s candy display, Montreal, circa 1920, MP-0000.587.76, McCord Museum.
  • Anonymous, John Murphy & Co shop., 443-449 Sainte-Catherine St West, Montreal, 1914, MP-0000.587.80, McCord Museum.

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