Toy donations at the McCord Museum: Welcome! Want to play?

From December 17, to December 31, 2022.

Toy donations: Welcome! Want to play?

The holiday season is also a time for openness, sharing, and helping each other!
As part of the installation Enchanted Worlds, we invite you to take part in our drive to collect toys and memories, Welcome! Want to play? from December 17, to December 31, 2022.

In collaboration with the Centre social d’aide aux immigrants (CSAI), the McCord Museum will donate all the toys collected to newcomer families to welcome them to Montreal.

Just follow 3 easy steps!

  1. Think of a toy that you used to love playing with, and that you are willing to give away. Make sure your toy works, is safe and in good condition.
  2. Download and print this card: Take a moment to write a few words of welcome and mention a happy memory related to your toy.
  3. Drop the toy and note into the gift box located in the installation Enchanted Worlds in the McCord Stewart Museum Theatre during Museum hours.

We accept

  • Second-hand games and toys in good condition for youngsters 0 to 16 years of age: stuffed animals, dolls, board games, educational games, puzzles, etc.
  • Books in French and English for children aged 0 to 16
  • Musical instruments
  • Consoles and video games
  • Sports equipment: balls, skates, hockey sticks, scooters, jump ropes, etc.

We do not accept

  • Toys and related items measuring more than three feet long and two feet wide
  • Toys and games of a violent nature
  • New toys
  • Second-hand toys in poor condition and/or incomplete
  • Any other items (clothing, sportswear, shoes, bedding, furniture, dishes, small and large appliances, food, bicycles, electronics (televisions, computers, etc.)

You have any questions?

Email us at

Photos of the 2021-2022 collection

Thank you for participating in our 2021 toy drive! With your help and the collaboration of the Centre social d’aide aux immigrants (CSAI), the Museum was able to offer all the toys to newly arrived families and say welcome to Montreal.

  • © Rémi Hermoso
  • © Rémi Hermoso
  • © Rémi Hermoso
  • © Rémi Hermoso
  • © Rémi Hermoso
  • © Rémi Hermoso

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