Citizen-Centred Co-Construction Workshop

Photo: Thibault Caron

Looking after our stories in Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke

Looking after our stories in Montreal/Tiohtiá:ke is a citizen-centred co-construction workshop that turns a spotlight on the rarely told stories of the city’s Chinese, Afrodescendant and Indigenous communities.

Drawing on tales and snapshots of 19th and 20th century Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke from the Museum’s Photography collection, the workshop invites citizens to reflect on what contributes to their well-being in the city.

A series of images, which participants will broaden over the course of the workshops, will be juxtaposed with urban views to facilitate the reflection. Each participant will share their vision of a Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke in which they feel welcome and discover and find inspiration in those shared by others.

The activity aims to enable historically marginalized communities to gain—or regainownership of an urban history they are a part of and share it with fellow Montrealers.

  • Photo: Thibault Caron
  • Photo: Thibault Caron
  • Photo: Thibault Caron

This activity has been co-created by Je suis Montréal and the Museum.

This project has been funded by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration and the Ville de Montréal (Programme Montréal Interculturel).
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The Museum and Je suis Montréal want to invite all local organizations that contribute to closer intercultural ties. Participating organizations must bring together the 20 people who will take part in the workshop.


The exact date of your workshop will be determined in collaboration with the Museum when you confirm your participation


Looking after our stories in Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke  takes place outside the Museum. The Museum and Je suis Montréal will visit the city’s different neighborhoods.

The participating organization will host the facilitators and participants in a nearby space accessible to citizens (e.g., recreation centre, community hall, church basement, etc.).


To host a workshop in your neighbourhood, you must provide:

  • a space that can accommodate at least 25 people
  • 5 tables
  • 25 to 30 chairs (one for each participant)
  • An electrical outlet to power our computer
  • An internet connection, ideally

The Museum and Je suis Montréal provide the materials for the workshop.

Je suis Montréal

Je suis Montréal is a platform that aims to challenge the dominant understanding of Montréal and Québec identity in order to give a sense of belonging to all QTBIPOC, regardless of colour, language, culture, orientation, gender or religion.

Our goal is to bring forward those who have been historically excluded and often forgotten through art projects, discussions and panels on themes such as social inclusion, engagement, identity and belonging. We believe art can be used as soft power to change our cultural and social fabric.

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