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Peer-to-Peer Committee

The Peer-to-Peer Committee is made up of ten young professionals who became involved in the Museum to be agents of change in their community. They wish to make a difference in the lives of Montreal families, by ensuring free access for children to our culture and to our history.

A special thanks to the 2018 Peer-to-Peer Committee for their commitment and implication towards their Sunday Workshops campaign.



Jiad Joseph Ghoussoub, Comité Exécutif
Julie Mélissa Marin, Comité Exécutif
Kaïla A. Munro, Comité Exécutif

Sandra Araoune
Annick Bissainthe
Marc Da Silva
Lyne Lamarche
Marina Pilarinos
Tiffany Zampini


2017 : Once Upon a Time
$20,099 were collected for the Once Upon a Time campaign, in order to restore toys and decorative objects from the McCord Museum’s collection showcased in the Topsy-Turvy Storyland exhibition, bringing to life some of the most famous fairy tales.
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2016 : A Week at the McCord Museum
$30,515 were collected to support the program A Week at the McCord Museum, enabling Montreal children to spend a week of fun, creativity and discovery at the Museum, and to learn more about their history, culture and society. This campaign is now a regular activity of the McCord Museum Foundation.
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Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!