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Sharing Our Memories, Our Stories

The McCord Museum is pleased to invite you to participate in the new edition of the  Sharing our Memories, our Stories program. 

Sharing our Memories, our Stories is a volunteer program to bring young people and seniors together. During virtual or telephone meetings, participants take part in intergenerational workshops. Led by a Museum mediator, the activities are moments of dialogue and dynamic exchange on universal themes through objects in the McCord Museum’s collection. The meetings will lead to the creation of tangible and personal documents that bear witness to the stories and memories that participants shared.

The program seeks to: 

  • facilitate connections between older adults and youth to help break through feelings of isolation;
  • encourage solidarity and understanding of the realities experienced by participants of different generations and deconstruct age-related stereotypes; 
  • use cultural mediation and the McCord Museum’s collection to promote learning and discussions between participants; and 
  • host meetings leading to the creation of tangible and personal documents bearing witness to the stories and memories that participants shared during the meetings. 

Want to take part as a senior? You must:

  • be 55 years or older; 
  • enjoy communicating, discussing and taking part in a project; 
  • be available 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks; and 
  • have a tablet or computer with Internet access or a telephone.

Want to take part as a youth? You must:  

  • be between 14 and 25 years old; 
  • be supervised by an adult from your school or your academic or community organization; 
  • be able to connect to Zoom for 90 minutes a week for 4 weeks;
  • have a stable internet connection;
  • and have a digital tablet or computer and the Zoom application. 

The program is for you if you want to:

  • get involved in your community; 
  • meet seniors;
  • discover the history of the 20th century through the eyes of those who lived it; 
  • meet and collaborate with other young people who share your interests; and 
  • earn a volunteer recognition certificate. 

The sessions will be held in: 

  • 4 meetings in October 2021 
  • 4 meetings in November 2021
  • 4 meetings in February 2022
  • 4 meetings in March 2022

Ready to be part of history? Let us know by getting in touch with us!

Marianne Connell, Program Coordinator
514 861-6701, ext. 1258 

Information and reservations

Marianne Connell, Coordinator, Sharing Our Memories, Our Stories Project
514-861-6701, ext. 1258

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