Indigenous cultures education kit at the McCord Museum


Indigenous cultures education kit

Discover the objects from our encounters!
Immerse yourself in Indigenous cultures through objects in the McCord Museum’s collection.

Open the doors of your classroom to Indigenous voices with the Objects tell their stories digital education kit. The learning resource relies on an interactive and participative approach to support students as they explore different aspects of Indigenous societies and hear how community members view their thriving traditions, values and cultures!

The Museum is now offering the educational kit facilitated by the Museum’s mediators in your classrooms!

Through action research focused on an object from the McCord Museum’s collection, students are encouraged to embrace Indigenous voices. Each testimonial sheds new light on the past, present and future of Indigenous nations from across Québec.

By taking part in this integrated project, cycles two and three elementary students will develop cross-curricular competencies in social sciences, science and technology and French.

  • Basket, possibly Abenaki, 1865-1910. M12623 © McCord Museum
  • Model canoe, Algonquin, 1930-1960. Gift of the Missionnaires Oblats de Marie Immaculée, M2006.48.85 © McCord Museum
  • Drum, Innu, 2019, Ovila Fontaine, Artist collection
  • Wampum belt, Huron-Wendat, about 1760. Gift of Mrs. Walter M. Stewart, M20401 © McCord Museum

Using the Kit

With the Indigenous cultures education kit, teachers can broaden their social sciences, science and technology and French curriculums by using the content to spark reflection and consolidate learnings.

For each object from the McCord Museum, two types of video resources explore different points of view: three firsthand testimonials and a video by a young Indigenous woman or man created as part of the Wapikoni Mobile workshops. The videos each reveal facets of historical objects from the McCord collection in the current context.

The series includes an information sheet on the community to which the object belongs, an object record and an image of the object.

Jonathan Lainey, Curator, Indigenous Cultures, tells us the story of Indigenous baskets.

Jacques T. Watso tells us the story of Indigenous baskets.

Barbara Watso tells us the story of Indigenous baskets.

Teaching Scenario

Students will think about and analyze the roles of objects in Algonquian and Iroquoian societies (how they are made and used, what they symbolize, etc.). The following objects are featured in the kit:

  • Basket
  • Drum (to come)
  • Canoe (to come)
  • Wampum (to come)

Time: 2 60-minute periods per object

  • 3 video testimonials
  • 1 documentary directed by an Indigenous person for a Wapikoni Mobile workshop
  • Student kit
  • Community sheet
  • Map of the nation
  • Photo of the object in the McCord collection
  • Record of the object in the McCord collection

Teacher’s guide
Animated educational kit
Teacher’s guide annexes
Student kit
Community sheet and map of the nation
The basket: Photo of the object
The basket: Record of the object

The Indigenous cultures education kits were made possible through the generous support of
TFI International and Valero Energy Foundation of Canada.

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